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I have an application being developed in QT Creator on Ubuntu. I need to run some tests and to see their results I use console — qtcreator_process_stub window is opened. And now comes my question: how to set its initial size? (especially the width to make results more readable). Setting the width by mouse each time I run my app is quite annoying.

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Maybe it will be useful for Windows users:

You can right click on the console title bar (when running your program), select properties and change the font size (or other properties) in the font tab. It will be remembered for the future sessions.

For changing console size from command starts console use cmd.exe "/k mode con: cols=150 lines=50" (not working from Qt for me, changing COMSPEC do nothing).

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In more recent versions of Qt Creator (2.6.2 and up) this can be changed in

  1. Projects
  2. Run (from the top of the window)
  3. In the run environment edit the COMSPEC field
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I found a simple solution:

Go to Tools->Options->General->Environment: System->Terminal. There is a command used to invoke a terminal. In my case I needed to change the command to:

xterm -geometry 250 -e

That's all;)

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