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I'm building a website at the moment and now i stand in a crossroad to chose which kind of messaging system to choose.

The website is build in, so using c# and other microsoft technologies i want to build a very simple messaging system between different users.

My question is how to do that, and what is the best way?

One option which i see is to use a database, to store the messages and then let the messaging page, every second refresh and perform code to retrieve the message, altho i tried it and i dont really like, because it isn't the proper way ... letting the page refresh and yeah retrieve the messages it is not very good.

But i dont really know the alternative i tried to search but didnt find any other possible solution only use of database and refreshing of the page.

My question is, what are any other possibilities to implement a very simple messaging system to a website, where for example 2 users can private message each other?

I dont need alot of explanation just some direction where to search ...

Thanks in advance for reading and replying to me, and for admins not to close the thread.

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You are not talking about live chat or shoutbox isn't it ? So, you could code it in such a way that when user goes to any page, it should check the db for any new messages. If any new messages, show a notification to the user. – Akhilesh B Chandran Mar 10 '12 at 12:52

This should get you started.

Simple Chat Application in ASP.NET

Here's another one that looks promising...

LiveChat Starter Kit

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Use jQuery and Ajax to get rid of the "refresh" page

Regarding if you should use DB or not. Its really up to you, to whatever you are comfortable with. It dosen't sound that you have a lots of requirement.

If I would do it by myself and its a micro project I think I just would store the messages in the HttpContext...

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thanks a lot, and yes it isnt big project, just a small implementation so that users, can send to each other messages, but also if both of them online they will need to be able to chat, without a too big delay, if the person isn't online he should recieve message next time he enters the site – Alnedru Mar 10 '12 at 14:50
@user1002583 you should select one answer and vote it up if its was useful... – Simon Edström Mar 10 '12 at 16:48

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