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I use MongoDB together with PHP. To create a unique document for each user, I set the username to unique with

$db->ensureIndex(array("username" => 1), array("unique" => 1, "dropDups" => 1));

However, if there is a duplicate, the _id value that is being returned for the user is that of the record which got never created and not that of the record which already exists in the db.

Here's the entire function:

function register_user($username, $password, $first_name, $last_name, $email)
$m = new Mongo();
$db = $m->users->details;
$db->ensureIndex(array("username" => 1), array("unique" => 1, "dropDups" => 1));
$user_doc = array( "username" => $username, "password" => $password, "first_name" => $first_name, "last_name" => $last_name, "email" => $email);
return $user_doc["_id"]; // here i return the _id

How would I go about creating a user database, that has no duplicate usernames?


Here's my temporary solution. I put it right where the insert used to be.

  catch ( MongoCursorException $e ) 
      // if this did not work, we already have that user inside and want to get his _id
      $user = $db->findOne(array('username' => $username, 'password' => $password));
      return $user["_id"];

If I try to insert it with the safe option, it would always die. Using the try-catch procedure, I try to insert and if it does not work, manually find the _id by username. I'm still not satisfied with this solution, so it would be great if more proficient MongoDB users could give some advice.

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why not check if a record using that id already exists first? Also, you could make use of MongoCollection::update() in combination with the 'upsert' option set to true. This would create a new record if a criteria is not found. The criteria in your case would be the username being passed. take a look at php.net/manual/en/mongocollection.update.php –  Angel S. Moreno Aug 7 at 22:22

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First off, you always need that try...catch. The reason you were getting the wrong _id for $user_doc is simply that the driver creates it before sending it to the database. So even if the insert fails it's still on the document.

How would I go about creating a user database, that has no duplicate usernames?

I would start by over-writing the _id field with the user name. The _id is auto-generated as a convenience, but you can set it yourself before you insert.

You will still need to use the try...catch but you will get a specific duplicate key error. You can then use this to correctly handle the case of "that user name already exists".

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a downvoter who added no comments and did not bother to add another answers either. <sarcasm>brilliant</sarcasm> –  Angel S. Moreno Aug 7 at 21:29
Some days you simply lose points to chaos. –  Gates VP Aug 7 at 21:31
that is putting it mildly. If an answer is wrong a user that finds this page on google should get some indication as the the reason. –  Angel S. Moreno Aug 7 at 22:23

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