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I am Android dev and I am planing to do some development for iphone/ipad devices. I know that you can use xcode emulator but it doesn't support some libraries and obviously the app has to be tested on real device before submitting it to the store. I am thinking about getting the iPad as I don't need another phone. Do you think guys this is a good idea?

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TestFlight might help you when you are distributing a beta application. You can also leverage friends and family to help you out if you want to test on another type of device. – Devin M Mar 10 '12 at 15:24
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Always test your app on a physical device. Really.

As suggested, get a single device for your primary testing and rely on beta testers using a wider range of devices to get coverage.

iPad seems like a sensible choice. It has most features from the other devices: gyro, camera, location, et cetera.

TestFlight is awesome for beta testing.

I hope you'll have fun with iOS development.

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It all depends. Ask yourself are you going to write only phone applications or both iPad and iPhone applications?

Apple does sell the iPod touch if you don't want to get a full iPad.

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You can buy iPad 2 with 3g or iPad 3 with 4g because they support gps tracking (they have gps). But if your apps wouldn't use gps tracking you can both iPad 2 wifi or iPad 3 wifi (they has cameras) if you want to develop photo apps. For other types of apps you can use iPod touch 4g. So I think new iPad 3 will be a good)) for develop and personal use.

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I think it's also important to make sure you test on both retina display and non retina display - thats the main difference that you should pay attention to in my mind. Bear in mind that you will need two sets of art work for both resolutions.

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