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I am trying homebrew for the first time. I used to use macports. In macports, it is quick clear which ports are available, and their versions (

Is there any such website / tools in hombrew?


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You can browse the Formula directory on GitHub. Or type brew search. There is even a website

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does homebrew have the latest version, or can you change between the version. For example, looks like brew search ruby installs ruby 1.9.3. Can I install ruby 1.9.2 for example? – Karan Mar 10 '12 at 15:32
The formula directory is a git repository so yeah you will be able to do that. Try brew versions ruby. Check out this question on Stack Overflow for more informations:… – Jérôme Mahuet Mar 10 '12 at 15:36
brew versions ruby doesnt work. I get: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git Would I have to download the git repository? if so, which one is it? the hombrew/libary simply has a list of .rb files ... – Karan Mar 10 '12 at 15:58
Type brew update first. – mxcl Mar 16 '12 at 0:33

Following Jerome Mahuet's answer, I could not find how to locate various versions of a particular formula.

here is what my problem was:

  • I installed homebrew as instructed on the website
  • This installed the very basics of homebrew, but did not install the .git repository folder
  • As a result, brew versions ruby did not work
  • to fix this, simply type brew update

You can then view the versions via

brew versions ruby
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I've fixed this in mxcl/master now. – mxcl Mar 16 '12 at 0:38

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