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I'm using python-dbus to interface with HAL, and I need to find a device's UDI based on it's path in the /dev hierarchy.

So given a path such as /dev/sdb, I want to get a value back like /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_10.

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Pure python solution:

import dbus
bus = dbus.SystemBus()
obj = bus.get_object("org.freedesktop.Hal", "/org/freedesktop/Hal/Manager")
iface = dbus.Interface(obj, "org.freedesktop.Hal.Manager")
print iface.FindDeviceStringMatch("block.device", "/dev/sda")
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+1 for teaching me how to use dbus :) –  NicDumZ Jun 8 '09 at 14:21
Doesn't work for me with this error: DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.74" (uid=1000 pid=3181 comm="python /usr/bin/ipython ") interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Manager" member="FindDeviceStringMatch" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.77" (uid=0 pid=4111 comm="/usr/sbin/hald ") Probably because I'm not the root. –  constantius Feb 8 '13 at 17:09

I would spawn a hal-find-by-property call from Python:

import subprocess
def get_UDI(path):
    cmd = 'hal-find-by-property --key block.device --string %s' % path
    proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
    output = proc.communicate()
    # stdout
    return output[0].strip()

print get_UDI('/dev/sdb') # /org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/xxxxxx
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