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Hopefully a simple question - apologies if it's already been answered but nothing came up in search.

On S3 is it better to organizes images into smaller subdirectories, or just keep them all in one directory? In a typical filesystem one would namespace the images in directories to improve performance. A flat structure with thousands of images in one directory doesn't normally perform well. Is this the case on Amazon S3?

I can put all user images into a users folder, all post images into a posts folder, etc. OR I can put user images into folders like users/{userId} to avoid having thousands of images in one users folder.

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This is a problem with Amazon S3 as well, albeit only for significant storage requirements, see Amazon S3 Performance Tips & Tricks for a detailed answer including strategies for partitioning your object space.

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Its worth thinking of a scheme to chunk it up onto files... if for no other reason than just having a way to filter your files if you want to manually look around.

But dont spend too much time if you are certain as to all the ways you will need to commonly access your files... You can always migrate to a new scheme later.

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Well the filenames themselves will be prefixed with the user's ID so it's easy to find a particular users files with either method. More at issue here is wether normal filesystem concerns affect S3 (reduced performance with tens of thousands of files in the same folder). – Marc Mar 10 '12 at 17:25

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