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I need to get a new replies / forum posts out of a vbulletin forum .

What would be a best manner of fetching it.

Regards, Azeem

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You can fetch new replies / forum posts from database or use the api:

If this is possible with the api i would recommend using the api.

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The api does have a search function search_getnew but no doc available :( –  azimyasin Mar 10 '12 at 17:12
Is it possible to browse the source of vbulletin? Then it should be possible to see how to use this function. –  tonymarschall Mar 10 '12 at 17:15
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Just figured this one out.

You have to use the API function search_getnew or search_getdaily (I'd recommend search_getdaily, since it is more likely to produce results).

So you make an API call (POST and signed) with api_m = "search_getdaily". If there are any results than you recieve an response array like that:

[response] => Array
        [errormessage] => search

[show] => Array
        [canviewforums] => 1
        [canviewcalendar] => 1
        [foruminfo] => 
        [threadinfo] => 
        [searchid] => 62
        [notices] => 
        [notifications] => 

This means that the search was succssfull, and you can call 'search_showresults' to retrieve them actually.

To do this do an api_m = 'search_showresults' (POST and signed) with the 'searchid' you just recieved ('62' in the example).

You don't have to be logged in to do this API call, however then protected forums won't be listed.

Hope this was helpful.


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