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I am using Sinatra and rendering views with ERB. I have the following action

get '/user/:id' do
  u = @users.retrieve( params[:id] )
  u[:mykey] = [1,2,3]
  erb( :user, :locals => { :user => u } )

and the view looks like this

    <h1><%= user["name"] %></h1>

    <pre><%= user["mykey"].to_json %></pre>

and where I expect to get the [1,2,3] array, I get a big fat null. Primitive values such as the name, are passed without a problem.

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Is this of class Hash or HashWithIndifferentAccess?

You are setting user[:mykey] and retrieving user["mykey"]. Use symbol or string, don't mix them unless you are using HashWithIndifferentAccess.

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yay! that's the ticket. any clue on how to convert a hash to a HashWithIndifferentAccess ? –  Dan Mar 10 '12 at 17:22
I would just make sure to be consistent about the way you're accessing them. You can convert like this, though: indifferent_hash = hash.with_indifferent_access. You can also call symbolize_keys! on a hash and it will convert all string keys to symbols. –  JohnColvin Mar 10 '12 at 17:31

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