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Help on the second foreach() loop, I get "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in..." This is what I want to write out to the .xml file from the database table. ... ...

This is my code

$dbhandle = sqlite_popen("propertydb", 0666, $err_msg);
if(!$dbhandle) die("Could not open the database");

$query = "CREATE TABLE property(pCode VARCHAR(8), price VARCHAR(6), 
iFile VARCHAR(15),          visits VARCHAR(3))";
if(!sqlite_query($dbhandle, $query)){ echo "table not created (maybe already

$query = sqlite_query($dbhandle, 'SELECT * FROM property');  
$result = sqlite_fetch_all($query, SQLITE_ASSOC);  

foreach ($result as $arow) {
echo '<br> Postcode:  ' . $arow['pCode'] . '  Price:  ' . $arow['price'] . 
' Image  File:  ' . $arow['iFile'] . ' Visits:  ' . $arow['visits'];

$outfilepointer = fopen("property.xml","w");
$outtext = "<estateagent> \n";
$outtext .= "<agentname>john</agentname> \n";
$outtext .= "<agentphone>123</agentphone> \n";
foreach ($result->property as $oneproperty)
$propertyname = $oneproperty->propertyname;
outtext .= '<property><postcode> $arow["pCode"] </postcode>
<price> $arow["price"]</price> <imagefile> $arow["iFile"] </imagefile> <visits>
</visits>    </property> \n';
$outtex .= "</estateagent>";
fwrite($outfilepointer, $outtext);
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$result is a multidimensional array returned by sqlite_fetch_all(), but you are treating it like an object having a property called property. It isn't an object. –  Michael Berkowski Mar 10 '12 at 17:19
You'll also have problems with outtext, which is supposed to be a variable but you forgot a $, and you have a single-quoted string with variables in it. Those vars (inside <postcode> for example, won't be interpolated in a single-quoted string. –  Michael Berkowski Mar 10 '12 at 17:20

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