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Am using wget for download files from ftp.

Ftp folder have name /var/www/html/

Inside this folder is located tree of folders & files, ~20 levels.

Am trying make ftp download (have no ssh access), of this all with wget.

wget -- recursive -nv --user user --password pass ftp://site.tld/var/www/folder/

This one command runs Ok. But it creates an folder structure.


Question: Is any possibility - to say wget, not create ~/site.tld/var/www/html/ but make all tree, in current folder?
i.e. ~/back/my-files-want-here/ I.e. - to trim/cut certain path?


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Look for --no-host-directories and --cut-dirs in the manpage.

This should work like expected (maybe you have to increase/decrease cut-dirs):

wget --recursive --no-verbose --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=3 --user user --password password ftp://site.tld/var/folder
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