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The problem I am having is this. I have a file that looks like this:

    x: 276.4375
    y: 71.0
    z: -60.5
    yaw: -290.7768
    pitch: 35.400017
    x: 276.5
    y: 67.0
    z: -60.5
    yaw: -8.626648
    pitch: 16.199997
    x: 276.5
    y: 63.0
    z: -60.5
    yaw: -18.976715
    pitch: -32.850002

is there some sort of way to get all values under the "Main" tag so like:


and have it return a array or list like:


I would greatly appreciate any and all help!

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I'm quite new to Bukkit Plugin Development but if you want to get the node ids contained in "Main", the following should work:


& return

Set["topofhouse", "2ndfloor", "home"]

.getConfigurationSection(String path) sets the current path and .getKeys(boolean deep) returns all node ids within the current path as String Set. When deep is set to true, .getKeys(boolean deep) also returns all child node ids, however, all relations between the nodes will be lost as far as I know...

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