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I have a Button, Once the user submits a form the button image should change to DONE.PNG, or else it will remain as SUBMIT.PNG.

I need to know the following;

1.) How can we write a method, to know which button the user clicked. (If he clicked the button when it has the DONE.PNG or SUBMIT.PNG image on it)

my button click event is -(void)buttonClicked : (id)sender {}

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As you are using a single button and changing its image only, then there are two simple ways that you can follow:

  1. Check the name of image of the button if its DONE.PNG then do what is required and change the image else vis-versa.

  2. Have a variable either you can take integer(it will help you if you have even more number of image changes on same button) to track button state/image.

For example we will typedef buttonState and check against it for suitable case.

In .h file

//Before interface declaration..

typedef enum
   ButtonStateDone = 1,
  //any other state that it may have.
} ButtonState 

//in interface declaration..

ButtonState buttonState; //its a class level variable that we will use to track button state.

In .m file

Initially set buttonState as you show it on initial view. suppose button shows DONE.PNG so buttonState = ButtonStateDone;

Now, in button action you will change this

if(buttonState == ButtonStateDone)
 //do something and change button state.
if(buttonState == ButtonStateSubmit)
 //do something and change button state.

Here, I used typedef, it is useful if you need to have more than 2 states for button else you can simply use a BOOL variable.

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Normally you would set the tag of the UIButton.

-Interface or storyboard you do it under the info about the UIButton element.

-Programatically you do it like this : myButton.tag = 23;

Then in the buttonClicked you do this:

UIButton* senderButton = (UIButton*) sender;
if(senderButton.tag==23) {
   // It's the button as submit
   // Set button image
   senderButton.tag = 5;
if(senderButton.tag==5) {
   // Button is done

Hope you get it working :)

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Is there any other way i could do it without using Tags –  shajem Mar 10 '12 at 19:12

You can add a tag to the button i.e. NSInteger buttonTag = [sender tag] and then have conditional statements to check the tag values to determine which button was clicked.

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Is there any other way i could do it without using Tags –  shajem Mar 10 '12 at 19:06

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