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I started using django-social-auth which looks great, i want to setup a tiny twitter app and just need the twitter connect. I followed the guidelines and examples. The twitter connect looks like it's working, i am redirected to twitter authentication but when returning back to my callbackUrl i get always redirected to the LOGIN_URL_ERROR, i have no error messages. I tried adding django logging still no error is showed. The messages module used in the example views gives me: "Sorry but some error made you impossible to login. Please try again"

I am currently testing on localhost so maybe it's the problem, i have setup the twitter app with the url: and callbackUrl: with a mapping on /etc/hosts

python2.7, django 1.3, django-social-auth github repo

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You should try testing on the same domain as your application is configured. You can also use a subdomain. An entry in your hosts file should do the trick. For example, you could point to – Michael Mior Mar 10 '12 at 20:12

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