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This is a Matrix knowledge question, I am talking about XNA but only as a reference

I decomposed a matrix on XNA and got the decomposed values, then just tried to create again the Matrix from those values and the resultant Matrix does not match the original one

I tried to Normalize the quaternion

I tried to generate a Rotation Matrix from the Quaternion

I tried swaping the order of the Transformation SRT , STR, TRS, TSR, RST, RTS

Why I am doing this? I am creating my own model importer and I am comparing my results with XNA using the same model, so I am reading almost (some decimal difference) the same source SRT as the XNA's decomposed values, but my resultant Matrix didn't match XNA, so I went back to the basics and tried to decompose/recompose the XNA Matrix but I found it doesn't match either

These are the Original XNA Matrix values

{{M11:1.331581E-06 M12:-5.551115E-17 M13:1 M14:0} 
{M21:1 M22:-4.16881E-11 M23:-1.331581E-06 M24:0} 
{M31:4.16881E-11 M32:1 M33:8.15331E-23 M34:0}
{M41:0.03756338 M42:37.46099 M43:2.230549 M44:1} }

Decomposition , lFlag is true

bool lFlag = this.XNAModel.Bones[0].Transform.Decompose(out lDecScale, out lDecRotation, out lDecTranslation);

//decomposed values
{X:1 Y:1 Z:1}

?lDecRotation    //quat
{X:-0.5000003 Y:-0.4999996 Z:-0.4999996 W:0.5000004}

{X:0.03756338 Y:37.46099 Z:2.230549}

Recompose the matrix from the decomposed values , I've tried all the combinations SRT


Matrix lRecompose = Matrix.CreateScale(lDecScale) * 
Matrix.CreateFromQuaternion(lDecRotation) * Matrix.CreateTranslation(lDecTranslation);

Quaternion not normalized result using SRT , doesnt' match original Matrix

{{M11:1.430511E-06 M12:-5.960464E-08 M13:0.9999999 M14:0}
{M21:0.9999999 M22:1.192093E-07 M23:-1.370907E-06 M24:0}
{M31:-5.960464E-08 M32:0.9999999 M33:1.192093E-07 M34:0}
{M41:0.03756338 M42:37.46099 M43:2.230549 M44:1} }

Quaternion normalized result using SRT, doesnt' match original Matrix

{{M11:1.192093E-06 M12:-5.960464E-08 M13:1 M14:0}
{M21:1 M22:-1.192093E-07 M23:-1.370907E-06 M24:0}
{M31:-5.960464E-08 M32:1 M33:-1.192093E-07 M34:0}
{M41:0.03756338 M42:37.46099 M43:2.230549 M44:1} }

This is what my model importer read

{X:1 Y:1 Z:1}

{X:-0.0002303041 Y:-8.604798E-05 Z:-5.438289}

There is a small diference between this result and the Decomposed one from XNA

//My importer, based on the above Rotation Vector,  converted to radians 
?lQuat    {X:-0.4999999 Y:-0.5 Z:-0.5 W:0.4999999}
{X:-0.5000003 Y:-0.4999996 Z:-0.4999996 W:0.5000004}

?this.ModelNew.Bones[0 ].Translation
{X:0.03756338 Y:37.46099 Z:2.230549}
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What does OpenGL have to do with this? In fact, what does Unity3d have to do with this? You're using XNA, which uses D3D. –  Nicol Bolas Mar 10 '12 at 20:48
Well, what I am asking is no XNA specific, its more about Matrix knowledge (what I am lacking). So I am tagging in that way to reach all the people who potentially know the answer. I may get the same problem using other tool. Summary, this is a call for everybody who uses Matrices and game programming related stuff. –  Jorge Mar 10 '12 at 20:59
By the way Nicol, you may know the answer, could you please take a look at the full post? –  Jorge Mar 10 '12 at 21:14
Inspect those values closely, most of them are almost the same. Most of this can be attributed to floating point rounding. –  Scott W Mar 10 '12 at 23:03
Hi Scott, the values on M4x are the same, they correspond to the Transalation, but the other Matrix Rows are wrong, I m sure is becuase the rotation value, but why decomposing and then recomposing give a wrong result, unless the decompose function is wrong –  Jorge Mar 11 '12 at 0:00

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