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I'm writting a code used to send order to an avr. I send several information but between each write, I have to wait for an answer (I have to wait for the robot to reach a point on the cordinate system). As I reado n the documentation, readline() should at least read until the timeout but as soon as I send the first coordinate, the readline() automatically return :

SerialException: device reports readiness to read but returned no data (device disconnected?)

When I put a sleep() between each write() in the for loop, everything works fine. I tried to use inWaiting() but it still does not work. Here is an exemple of how I used it :

        for i in chemin_python:

             self.serieInstance.ecrire("goto\n" + str(float(i.x)) + '\n' + str(float(-i.y)) + '\n')

             while self.serieInstance.inWaiting():

             lu = self.serieInstance.readline()
             lu = lu.split("\r\n")[0]
             reponse = self.serieInstance.file_attente.get(lu)
             if reponse != "FIN_GOTO":
                  log.logger.debug("Erreur asservissement (goto) : " + reponse)

Thanks for your help (and sorry for that poor english !)

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Here an snipet how to use serial in python

st = ''
initTime = time.time()
while True:
  st +=  s.readline()
  if timeout and (time.time() - initTime > t) : return TIMEOUT
if st != ERROR: return OK
else:           return ERROR
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This method allows you to separately control the timeout for gathering all the data for each line, and a different timeout for waiting on additional lines.

def serial_com(self, cmd):
    '''Serial communications: send a command; get a response'''

    # open serial port
        serial_port = serial.Serial(com_port, baudrate=115200, timeout=1)
    except serial.SerialException as e:
        print("could not open serial port '{}': {}".format(com_port, e))

    # write to serial port
    cmd += '\r'

    # read response from serial port
    lines = []
    while True:
        line = serial_port.readline()

        # wait for new data after each line
        timeout = time.time() + 0.1
        while not serial_port.inWaiting() and timeout > time.time():
        if not serial_port.inWaiting():

    #close the serial port
    return lines
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