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I would like to dynamically change the menu based on the permissions of the viewing user. I would like the superadmin user to have access to the normal Resource actions (index, show, update, etc). So when an admin clicks on a menu item, it would take them to the index of that resource. I would like to restrict the normal admin user to just viewing a specific show page.

The menu route for the superadmin would be: /admin/resource
The menu route for the normal admin would be: /admin/resource/id

I would also like to restrict normal admin access to the index view, or other resources that they don't have access to. I have been able to achieve both these things, but I have yet to be able to map a menu item to a specific show page. I know I could create a custom page and view, but I really would like to share the custom DSL for the show and edit pages between superadmin and the normal admin.

Anyone know how to make this happen.

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Ok, so I figured a way to get what I want. I am not sure if exactly fulfills what I wanted. (meaning, it would be nice to create custom menu items that are mapped to specific resources)

I just overwrote the index controller action to redirect to the specific show page. Because the super admin needs access to the original Store resource, I had to alias it with :as.

ActiveAdmin.register Store, :as => 'My Store' do
  menu :if => proc{ !current_user.is_admin? },
       :label => 'My Store'

  actions :show, :edit, :update

  controller do
    def index
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