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Hi I've an android app which uses an XML file to render its User Interface,And here is the xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<question id="1" label="Name" type="text"></question>
<question id="2" label="Gender" type="select" options="Male,Female,Transgender"></question>
<question id="3" label="Age" type="text"></question>
<question id="4" label="city" type="select" options="Banglore,Hyderabad,Chennai"></question>

I am using DOM parser to read xml and I am getting the inputstream using url.openconnection().getInputstream() method.But I want the xml file to be included in my android project folder and use it.How would I go about that ?? so what are the other ways to get the InputStream ??

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If you place the file in your assets folder, you can use the AssetManager to get an input stream to it.

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