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This is a instructions to execute Mac-1 instructions (micro programming):

100: alu := ac; if z then goto 0;
101: sp := sp + (-1);
102: mar := sp; mbr := pc; wr;
103: pc := band(ir,amask); wr; goto 0;

Can someone tell me what it is doing and why it is doing it? All I know is line 100, which checks if the content of accumulator is zero. If it is zero it jumps to subroutine.

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Line 101 manipulates the stack pointer (at least that's what sp looks like) Line 103 looks like it's changing the program pointer (that's what pc looks to be).

As to the specifics, sorry, no idea what wr, mar and mbr are, so would need more context.

Off-hand, it looks like part of one of "take an interrupt" or "perform a function call" (more probbaly the former than the latter).

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