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I'm looking for a good link validator with a list where I can exclude URLS with wildcards.

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If possible, an EXE for Windows. It should check a complete site without checking external links. –  mistermuggles Jun 8 '09 at 14:17
Finally, I used Xenu Link Sleuth. –  mistermuggles Jun 9 '09 at 21:21

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You can try w3c-linkchecker (http://search.cpan.org/dist/W3C-LinkChecker/).

From the docs (http://search.cpan.org/dist/W3C-LinkChecker/bin/checklink.pod):

-X, --exclude regexp
    Do not check links whose full, canonical URIs match regexp. 
   Note that this option limits recursion the same way as --exclude-docs with 
   the same regular expression would.
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If looking for a Windows executable, try "CheckWeb" it was a downloadable app that spider'd the url you gave it reporting back any issues as well as filesizes etc.

I believe development on it has ceased, but it works great and there is source available if you care. (you can download CheckWeb here)

Original Author Site (run through French-English Translate) with documentation and source code (in C)

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