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Let's say I have some JavaScript that looks like this:

function A() {

  var MyVar, SomeParameter;

  // do work

  MyVar = FunctionB(SomeParameter);


JsLint says I'm Missing 'new'. at the line MyVar = FunctionB(SomeParameter);

Why should I rewrite as MyVar = new FunctionB(SomeParameter); Is there going to be any benefit?

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It is the convention that constructors (eg: Array, Object) are starting with a capital.

JSLint complains, because it thinks that you're trying to use a constructor, without new keyword. To fix the problem, start your function with a non-uppercase character.

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Ok, so it's purely semantical then. Thanks Rob! –  frenchie Mar 10 '12 at 21:42
semantical yes, but I should point out that's a convention widely used ^^ –  pomeh Mar 10 '12 at 21:50

JSLint thinks the function is a constructor since it's uppercase. Name your non-constructor functions with an initial lowercase letter and JSLint will stop complaining.

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