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Does the data stored in cache/memory by memcache differ for every user or result would be same for all?

Does it store data in servers cache or user's memory?


$dynamic_data_from_sql = "Whatever";
$memcache->set('key', $dynamic_data_from_sql, false, 60);   //Store for 1 minute
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  1. The contents of a memcache server are the same for all connections from any user.
  2. the data is stored in the memcache server's memory, not the client's memory.
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PREAMBLE: 1 - every object in memcached is a couple . where value is the object requested by the user (i.e. the result of a query in a db) and cached by server. while the key is the key associated to the value that should be unique and is used to retrieve the value.

2 - memcache is a distribuited cache: it means that there is a server (ore more than one) that collects objects requested by clients , and there are clients potentially far(not too much) from server.. so data collected by a server is memory of the server itself. in particular when you start the server you have to specify an amount of memory to assign to him.

said that: if two users request the very same object, the result will be the same for each user.

hope you understand my english (=

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