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I have the following codes:

    for j in range(4):
      print md_array[j:j+1]
    for j in range(4):  
      print y_array[j:j+1]
    for j in range(4):
      print md_array[j:j+1]+y_array[j:j+1]
    for j in range(4):
      print "%s%s" % (md_array[j:j+1], y_array[j:j+1])

The results are:

['12/1/', '2011']['12/2/', '2010']['12/3/', '2009']['12/34/', '2008']

BUT actually I want to output


I tried append but failed...So what's wrong with my codes??

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why are you using slices (var[i:i+1]) instead of var[i]? –  Paulo Scardine Mar 10 '12 at 23:30

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array[start_index:end_index] gives you a slice, a sub-list of the list it's applied on. In this case, you want to get a single item. Try the following code:

for j in range(4):
    print "%s%s" % (md_array[j], y_array[j])

You can read more about slicing and indexes on documentation for lists.

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This works, thanks a lot! –  Harvey Dent Mar 11 '12 at 1:14
print "".join("[%s%s]"%t for t in zip(md_array, y_array))
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