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I want to forward my visitors to a 3rd party paysite. This 3rd party will process their payment and POST to me a 64 character token generated from a unique order number and shared password using PHP's hash_hmac using the sha256 algorithm, like so:

$token = hash_hmac("sha256", "12345", "sharedpassword");

Then I want to use the same algorithm on my end to generate the (hopefully) the same token to verify the user has paid. The problem is I cannot find an equivalent function or way to replicate the function in Python. The closest I've come is Python's hashlib, but there doesn't appear to be a function that can take in 2 arguments - the data and the shared password. Does anyone know of an equivalent of hash_hmac that would be applicable in this case?

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You want hmac.

hmac.new("sharedpassword", "12345", hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()
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Thank you! I guess my google-fu needs honing. –  kshen Mar 11 '12 at 3:39

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