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Have installed Node version manager 'n'.

Installed 'mocha' using

n npm 0.6.4 install mocha -g.

Now when I try to access it using

mocha -R spec

I get an error 'command not found'. Is there some option I'm missing.

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'n' is the version manager and not the package manager. In other words, you use 'n' to install different versions of NodeJS. You'll use npm to install packages like mocha.

Type n 0.6.4 will install NodeJS version 0.6.4 and set it in your path.

Type npm install mocha -g will install mocha as global module.

Run both the above commands in order, then you'll find mocha in your path.

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Thanks. That works. – almypal Mar 11 '12 at 6:24

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