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I use mongodb on my site.When I try to run "findAndModify‬" function I always get that doc is 'undefined':

function counter(name) {
    var doc = this.db.collection('counter').findAndModify(
                { query: { _id: name }, 
                  update: { $inc: { next: 1} }, 
                  new: true, 
                  upsert: true });

    return doc.next;

Q: What am I missing?

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What release of MongoDB are you running currently and with what driver? What are your results if you try this through the shell? –  Bill Mar 11 '12 at 14:17
I use 2.0.3 .If I check in shell it works –  user541847 Mar 12 '12 at 15:36

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I just had this problem trying to implement the same counter sample code from the MongoDB docs.

If you're using the mongojs driver you need to use a callback as that function doesn't return anything:

    query: { _id: name }, 
    update: { $inc: { next: 1} }, 
    new: true, 
    upsert: true 
    function(err, doc){
        console.log('the id is: '+doc.next);
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You not missed anything, with upsert equal to true findAndModify should always return document.. Even if no matches by query.

But, there is limitations with sharding and findAndModify -- your query should always contains shard key, mb this is an issue.

Also this command available for mongodb that has version >= 1.3. If you use old mongodb, just update it to latest release (2.0.3) and it should work. (I've tested on 1.8 and 2.0)

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