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I want to create a Facebook App. I've done everything they specified. I have made setup to test application on my localhost as they have specified Here

I'm getting the index page properly (see the image below). But when I click on Facebook login button, I'm getting the following error

enter image description here

Why is this so? What should I do? Did I miss something? I have PHP-sdk of Facebook. and regards

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Do you have any logs about this situation? The errormessage is far from helpful. – Gergely Bacso Mar 11 '12 at 11:18
No i don't. Can u please guide me how to set error logs at least some reference?? I'm doing it for the first time. – Chaitanya Chandurkar Mar 11 '12 at 11:35
I have same application running gentle-spring-1141.herokuapp.com here on Heroku. even there login is not working – Chaitanya Chandurkar Mar 11 '12 at 11:37
You actually can login from localhost. stackoverflow.com/questions/5133075/… – Thyago B. Rodrigues Mar 11 '12 at 13:05

Try setting App domain ir your App setings. I don't think you can login from localhost.

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if i set an app domain which i have right now i would not be able to test it locally as it would be taken from app domain directly.. m i right? Now if i want to test it locally it needs login for which i'm facing problems. time to time updating app on domain w/o testing it on local machine doesn't sounds goot to me. Thanx anyway !! but still not able to solve this – Chaitanya Chandurkar Mar 11 '12 at 15:33

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