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I don't know whether this question will be closed or not, though I hope no as I ask this quite seriously.

I want to learn details of Java Threading, maybe a little bit low level of how exactly Java controls threads. The purpose of this is majorly to conquer my future job hunting path.

I have Googled it and I found it seems many people chose these two books

  1. Concurrent Programming in Java™: Design Principles and Pattern (2nd Edition)

  2. Java Concurrency in Practice

The 1st one (Concurrent Programming in Java™) is also recommended by the famous Googler Steve Yegge in his post Get that job at Google

But I found it quite old (published in 1999) and in the reviews at Amazon, also some people say it is too old.

The 2nd one is also recommended by many others.

I don't know how to choose. Could anyone give me some good advices?

P.S. I know a good advice would be "Just Buy both and read both", but I may not be able to take this advice because my budget is not that much and more importantly I don't have that much time to finish studying both. I have to choose only one.

Edit: Of course, if you have better choices (other than these two ) to recommend, please say it loudly

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This is not opinion, but fact.

Any book on Java concurrency written in 1999 cannot cover the following:

  • the java.util.concurrent classes introduced in Java 5, and

  • the formalization of the Java Memory Model that came with the Java 5 language specification.

Both of these topics are very important.

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I would go for the second one! Writing multithread programs in Java got a lot easier with java 5 and 6 (don't get me wrong it's still hard to do correctly), so I would go for the second book that covers these new idioms.

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Based on the fact that the second book is more recent and it would be hard to find a better group of authors on this subject (Doug Lea wrote the first, was involved in the second), I would vote for Java Concurrency in Practice.

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