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I'm trying to delete the folder D:\SVN_HOME\EclipseWorkspace\MF_CENTER_INFO from svn.

Right click on the folder => TortoiseSVN => Delete => Yes to all

This returns the error: No Write-lock in D:\SVN_HOME\EclipseWorkspace

tortoisesvn error message: No Write-lock in D:\SVN_HOME\EclipseWorkspace

How can I fix this?

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Do a SVN-rename (not regular rename), commit, then you can do a SVN-delete successfully. I tried doing a regular rename first and renamed back to the original name, but still received the error when trying to delete the folder.

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For me this problem was fixed by deactivating the indexing service. Renaming the folder may have a similar effect.

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svn-Delete the content of the folder first, svn-rename the folder, svn-undo the add of the renamed folder. And commit...gone was the folder :) ... Maybe deleting the content was unnecessary, but I got rid of the error and the folder was deleted. Hope this still helps after so long

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