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when i onblur on the input which type is "password",it will hide the placeholder thing and the input.

plugin github link

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you should put way more information here. Following the link you provided I found this: github.com/danielstocks/jQuery-Placeholder/issues/20 . Could be the same issue...I don't know. If it's not please add more information and an example. –  lnrbob Mar 11 '12 at 15:05
You didn't give anything but a link to a plugin. So ask him!!! (by the way it works with IE6+...) –  gdoron Mar 11 '12 at 15:10

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ok,we take the the jquery.placeholder.js

and we can see the line 57

        // IE < 9 doesn't allow changing the type of password inputs
        if ($.browser.msie && input[0].outerHTML) {
            var fakeHTML = $(input[0].outerHTML.replace(/type=(['"])?password\1/gi, 'type=$1text$1'));
            this.fakePassword = fakeHTML.val(input.attr('placeholder')).addClass('placeholder').focus(function() {
                input.show();    //add this code
            $(input[0].form).submit(function() {

add the code "input.show();" ,you can make the input not hide in IE8.

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