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I am trying to access the types file from the project directory for the web root directory. Currently it only accesses it from the C:/, how can I have it access this file from the web root.

I would like the file to be in the project folder as types.txt.

    Dim fs As StreamReader
    Dim rdr As FileStream = New FileStream("/types.txt", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)
    fs = New StreamReader(rdr)
    While Not fs.EndOfStream
        Dim line As String = fs.ReadLine() 'reads each line in file 
        Dim line2 As String = fs.ReadLine() 'reads each line in file 
        Dim final As String = line + " types at " + line2 + "%"
        mortBox.Items.Add(final) 'adds each lines to combo box

        'adds values to array list, this will allow the list to grow with new entries to the file

    End While

    rdr.Close() 'closes open file
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You can use Server.MapPath("~/types.txt"). See MSDN for details.

The tilde character "~" is replaced with the path to the root of your web application.

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