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I created a SVN in Amazon EC2 server. it is at /data/svn/repos/

And i do my development work in windows. And I have 3 different projects. One part is in PHP, one is plane HTML/JS and other part is JSP. So i need to commit those three into 3 different subfolders in my SVN.

And if it is possible i like them to auto deploy into PHP and HTML/JS into Apache and JSP into Tomcat.

I dont know how to get the url to checkOut. Can any one help me?

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First of all you need to connect to your repository. If you have tortoise SVN installed, then:

  • Create a new folder on your PC where you want to store your repository contents
  • Right-click the folder and select SVN Checkout…
  • Enter the URL to your repository and select OK
  • Enter your username and password

Thus you will get empty folder where you can add files/folders and commit them to the repository.

It is standard to have trunk/branches/tags layout, thus I'd recommend stick to that, thus you should create the following structure in this folder:


Here you can find step-by-step further instructions.

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