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I need to plot a number of time series of different frequencies in R, and I need them to have the points centered on a period instead of starting at the beginning of each period. Here is an illustration of what I'm running into:

test1 <- ts(rnorm(24), start=2004, freq=12)
test2 <- ts(rnorm(2), start=2004, freq=1)
plot(test1, type='l')
lines(test2, col='red')

I'd like the red line to essentially be shifted forward 6 months, to the middle oaf each year. I've spent a little time with the R documentation for "ts" and haven't figured out how to do this -- any suggestions?

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Both answers were useful; DWin thanks for noting the accessor methods! I think I've come up with a reasonable, workable solution from this, thanks! – CompEcon Mar 12 '12 at 7:02
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I agree with @haggai_e that shifting the 'start' parameter makes sense, but if you already have a ts-object then the code to use those values would be:

lines(ts(test2, start=2004.5, freq=frequency(test2)) )

ts-objects are really just numeric vectors with attributes. You recover those attributes with start, end and frequency. The end is actually calculated on the fly from(length/frequency -1 ) of the vector added to start.

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How about changing the time-series start?

test2 <- ts(rnorm(2), start=2004.5, freq=1)
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