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I have a Set of objects

(def books #{{:isbn 1 :title "Programming Clojure"}
             {:isbn 2 :title "Joy of Clojure"}
             {:isbn 3 :title "Clojure in Action"}})

How do i update an object having a given key (:isbn) and return a modified set?

(??? books :isbn {:isbn 1 :title "Programming Clojure" :author "Halloway"})

In Java, equality can be defined using isbn and the element can be directly added to Set. What is the idiomatic way of doing this in Clojure?

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What do you mean by "Given key"? From your example you have a set containing three maps. In your desired usage example you're passing the set and a new map....but that's not really a key. Do you want to update the map with an :isbn of 1? –  djhworld Mar 11 '12 at 17:04
Edited to update by :isbn –  Sathish Mar 11 '12 at 17:09
I wonder if the data structure can be improved to reflect that :isbn should be unique. –  Adrian Mouat Mar 11 '12 at 17:18
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If you want to do that kind of updates, you should have an associative structure. But you can turn the set into one and then back again:

(-> (group-by :isbn books)
    (assoc-in [1 0 :author] "Halloway") ; 1 is the isbn, 0 means "first"
    (->> (map first)) 

This code assumes :isbn to be unique (since you said "key"). It turns the set into a map from :isbn values to sequences of corresponding records, updates the first record with :isbn 1 with the author, then mangles it back into a set.

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Going by the assumption that you're using the ISBN number as as the "key", here's my solution

(defn update-set [coll k new-map]
   (reduce (fn [new-set existing-map] 
             (if (= (k existing-map) (k new-map)) 
               (conj new-set new-map) 
               (conj new-set existing-map))) #{} coll)) 

(update-set books :isbn {:isbn 1 :title "Programming Clojure" :author "Halloway"})
; => #{{:title "Joy of Clojure", :isbn 2} {:author "Halloway", :title "Programming Clojure",   :isbn 1} {:title  "Clojure in Action", :isbn 3}}
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The following Clojure functions, update-if-isbn being a non-public function, will solve your problem.

(defn- update-if-isbn [isbn k v book] 
  (if (= (:isbn book) isbn) (assoc book k v) book))

(defn update-books [isbn k v books] 
  (set (map (partial update-if-isbn isbn k v) books)))
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