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I have read multiple tutorials where a partial is rendered as render @products, and then if you ajax a form for a new product, in the .js file you can do a render @product render the new product on the page.

However this only works if the view folder you are working in is called products, else you have to render the partial via render :partial => 'product', :collection => @products. Then when I want to ajax a form, I am unable to just append the new product with render :partial => 'product', :collection => @product. I have to clear the div and render all of the products again.

Is there a way to just render the new product, rather than having to clear and re-render all of the products when not working in a view folder with the same name as the model?

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So in my controller, I had to add

class PostController < ApplicationController
     respond_to :html, :js


def add
  @post = Post.new(params[:post])
  if @post.save
     respond_with(@post, request.referer)

Then I had to make sure I had add.js.erb in my app/views/post, and in the js render the partial like render :partial => 'public/post, :object => @post

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