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Hi DotNetNuke experts :)

I want to make some changes in dnnfeedback source and I want to add module definition to site

in previous release of this module I used to go to "host-->extensions" and from action menu choose "create new module" and simply add the manifest and use it

But in latest module release the manifest extension was changed to .dnn6 and my DotNetNuke (version:6.1.3) doesn't show me anything to choose from.

I think this section of DotNetNuke Doesn't understand .dnn6 extension.

so how can I add definition of this module?


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if you wanna to change a source code just install the package and replace the DLL file with that one you've changed

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You can simply use "Install Extension Wizard" instead of "Create new module" option and select the downloaded source package .zip of the Feedback module. It will install source files into DestkopModules/Feedback folder and you can make your changes there.

A little about .dnn6 manifest files can be found here.

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