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Despite my searching I can't seem to get good information. I just need to know where to start.

I have set up a custom post type correctly. However, I would like to customize the information it asks for then save that information. I have found guides and info in the codex that says how to save the information from the fields, but I can't seem to locate how to remove the default title and editor and add my own fields.

I found a plugin that will do it, but I would like to learn how to do it manually.

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I think this can answer your question:


As Christopher says:

All the content on the post editting screen, with the exception of the main editor and title area, is a meta box. You can remove them by calling remove_meta_box, then replace them with your own.

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It depends a little on how much you want to customize them.

To remove the default title and editor, take a look at the supports argument in the register_post_type codex entry. Passing an empty array should remove them.

For adding fields, you can use the add_meta_box function, much as you would for posts.

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That looks like the ticket. Thanks! –  the1gofer Mar 11 '12 at 18:34

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