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I use the latest version of LOVE (A lua 2d engine) And when i create a menu and it redirects to a other lua file it gives me an error.

I tried to disable my menu but then it seems fine. But LOVE says the error isnt in the menu but in play.lua LOVE says this:

play.lua:26: attempt to index global 'player' (a nil value)

And this is line 26:

if player.y_velocity ~= 0 then

Here is my code: (src.rar 227KB)

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You have two definitions for love.load(), one in main.lua and one in play.lua, but love.load() is only called once in the game. The love.load() in main.lua is called, the one in play.lua is ignored and player is never defined. Declare player outside of a function and everything should work fine.

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Thanks alot, it worked! – Dallox Mar 11 '12 at 22:48

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