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I am a beginner creating a SEAM (2.2) application with JBoss AS6

I am integrating the Paypal express checkout code which acts as an http servlet, this seems to work ok with the payments processing correctly by paypal, the problem is I cannot seem to inject my stateful backing beans into the servlet to verify the payment and update the database on my side. I have tried a variety of methods including the following...

@In PaymentBean paymentBean

PaymentBean paymentBean = (PaymentBean) Contexts.getConversationContext().get("PaymentBean")

paymentBean = ((PaymentBean)Component.getInstance("paymentBean"));

In each case I am left with a null pointer exception, I dont think its a problem with the bean as it wont even inject the messages files

As I have seen a lot of similar issues I am not even sure if this is possible with my setup? Is there some further configuration I am missing?

Can somebody suggest a solution, or a way to access my backing beans from the servlet?


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does PaymentBean have a @Name annotation ? –  AndresQ Mar 13 '12 at 13:43
yes paymentBean –  DaveB Mar 13 '12 at 18:02

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It turns out the answer to my question lives here...


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