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Its seems warbler is not using bundler to install dependent gems. I have had this stack trace appear on every gem that is a dependency and is auto specified in Gemfile.lock based on my application's Gemfile . This is my warble.rb

Using 1. RubyGems 1.7.2 since 1.8.17 and others won't bundle bundler 2. JRuby 1.6.7 (for deployment) 3. Ruby-1.9.3-p125 (for local development) 4. Padrino 0.10.5 5. Warbler 1.3.2 6. rbenv 7. Mac OSX

Any idea why warbler won't include the dependent gems and I have to end up specifying each dependency explicitly in Gemfile (not Gemfile.lock).

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weird, have you tried disabling the gemjar feature, same results ? also if you're warbling the Gemfile as is with MRI it seems to be asking for trouble since you're using gems that do not work on JRuby (and thus require-ing them when the .war boots might fail) e.g. thin, or mysql2 –  kares Mar 23 '12 at 11:29

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