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There are other similar topics around this but nothing that obviously maps to what I'm experiencing. Essentially, I use NHibernate along with a session per request model that opens a connection to mysql and runs a single transaction for the duration of the request. Lately I have noticed instances (it's not always repeatable) where two concurrent requests, for the same request, which pretty much does a load of inserts (as well as one select statement on one of the insert tables) to several related tables but not a lot else.

What's bizarre is that both of the transactions run and are committed without errors however only one of the transactions has actually inserted the rows. The other one behaves as if it was rolled back except no exceptions are thrown at any point so it's impossible to tell this from .Net.

I'm running MySql 5.6 (pretty much the latest although I'm at home now so can't get exact version), using InnoDB with repeatable-read transaction isolation level. I've even upped the isolation level to serializable to see if that would help the matter but still got the same problem. I suspect that adding FOR UPDATE after the select statement may help with extra table locking but given NHibernate this is not all that easy to add in.

I guess my question is has anyone experienced this before? Also, if not, what's available within MySql to try debug these issues?

Thanks, Mark

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Please include your code – aingram Mar 11 '12 at 20:58
Firstly, the code is quite convoluted, I'm using Windsor to inject the NHibernate ISession and an attribute to set up the transaction around an MVC action. Secondly, it does work (!), it just seems to occasionally fail with no obvious errors. Essentially, there's a few SELECTs and a few INSERTs, that's about it?! – Mark Jerzykowski Mar 12 '12 at 10:04

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