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I have a class like the following...

class A{

 * Blah blah
 Type1 var;

 * What do I do here?
 Type2 var11, var12;


How can I javadoc var11, and var12 if they are both on the same line?

I am curious to see if this is possible, I know I can put them both on an individual line and javadoc from there.

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I was curious so I tried it out

 * data stuff
 int x , y ;

The resulting javadoc repeated the same doc comments for both x and y. I imagine this behavior would be useful if two fields were essentially the same with minor differences.

class Circle
     * center coordinates
     * The x/y coordinate of the center of this circle.
     int x , y ;
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Yes, I also came to this conclusion as well. Well I guess there is no way to segregate the Javadoc, thanks for your answer & effort! –  Jimmy Huch Mar 11 '12 at 21:04

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