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We are using automake & autoconf to build our multi-package software. I was wondering how to fill a variable with the output of e.g. shell-scripts once and reuse this, e.g. for needed include dirs

INCLUDES := -I`some-ext-config --incdir`

Using := instead of = here makes this variable filled once so some-ext-config will only be called once (AFAIK this comes from plain make). Of course INCLUDES is the depreciated cousin of AM_CPPFLAGS, but would I have used that one instead, the shell script would have been called for each compile.

Using INCLUDES instead of AM_CPPFLAGS is an acceptable solution for me (though I imagine there might be portability issues), but I have no solution for e.g. LDFLAGS for a libtool library

libmylib_la_LDFLAGS := `some-ext-config --ldflags` # will always be evaluated

What is the general solution inside automake if I want to make sure these external tools are not called multiple times? I would like to stay away from using an obvious AC_SUBST in configure.ac since we have to make sure our packages can be build both from subdirectories (some configure.ac in there) and with an recursive make from the top-level and a configure.ac there which shouldn't need to know too much about the different subprojects.

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:= is GNU-make specific, so you are advised to use just = in automake. If you do not want to run the shell script everytime INCLUDES (or AM_CPPFLAGS, does not matter, it would occur with either), then run the script in configure.ac and use variable substitution via AC_SUBST. That is essentially what pkg-config would do — and come to speak of it, you could just use that instead of some-ext-config if there is a .pc file.

# configure.ac
libfoo_CPPFLAGS=$(some-ext-config --incdir);
libfoo_LIBS=$(some-ext-config --libs);

# Makefile.am
AM_CPPFLAGS = -Iwhatever ${libfoo_CPPFLAGS}
bin_PROGRAMS = foo
foo_LDADD = ${libfoo_LIBS}
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Hm, I wrote I would like to stay away from putting this into configure.ac for some external reasons. –  Benjamin Bannier Mar 11 '12 at 22:48
@honk: then you will have to fix these external reasons (e.g. use AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS) or forgo writing portable Makefiles. –  adl Mar 12 '12 at 7:30
The external reason is that we want to be able to just add AC_OUTPUTs for the subdir Makefiles in the toplevel Makefile.am, but without calling configure in each and every subdir (which takes 5 times as long as our build). We only need to be portable to GNU make, do I understand correctly that there is no way to fill these automake variables only once? –  Benjamin Bannier Mar 12 '12 at 12:11
@honk: I don't know of any. Another option would be to AC_SUBST your variable from an autoconf macro that is shared by configure.ac and subproject/configure.ac. The top-level configure.ac already has to know about the sub-project's Makefiles, so you could arrange to keep both the AC_OUTPUT and the needed AC_SUBST in the same file. –  adl Mar 12 '12 at 19:27
I meant AC_CONFIG_FILES instead of AC_OUTPUT, see my longer answer. –  adl Mar 12 '12 at 19:59

This is a more lengthy explanation of what I suggested in a comment to jørgensen's answer.

I understand your top-level configure.ac must generate the makefiles of multiple sub-projects, and performs the required tests so that you don't have to run the configure in any subproject (a sub-configure serves only when you want to work on this particular sub-project).

In that case, you want to avoid duplicating as much stuff as possible from various configure.ac. I suggest you factor all the code of the sub-configure that must also be performed by the top-level configure in an m4 macro. This includes tests, AC_SUBSTS, and Makefile declarations.

For instance using only one-subproject. Here is a top-level ./configure.ac:

AC_INIT([toplevel], [1.0])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign -Werror])
SUB1_COMMON([sub1/])  dnl Stuff from the subproject

With ./Makefile.am:

SUBDIRS = sub1

Now here is sub1/configure.ac for the sub-project:

AC_INIT([sub1], [1.0])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign -Werror])

With SUB1_COMMON defined in m4/common.m4:

  [AC_SUBST([PYTHON3LIB], [`pkg-config --libs python3`])

And finally sub1/Makefile.am is just:

# Build something.

The SUB1_COMMON contains all the code you want to share between the two configure.ac files, and use argument $1 to relocate the config files appropriately. In this example, the variable PYTHON3LIB will be defined regardless of which configure were run.

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