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Here is my table schema:


_id int not null auto
url text not null
filename text not null
date text not null)

I would like to insert a row only if there isnt a row in the table already with the same url.

E.g, if the following row exists:


then if I try to insert another row that has url="" the sql statement will not insert to avoid duplicate rows for the same remote file.

I know I could probably do this by first doing a SELECT and checking for whether a row already exists, however I would like to check if this is possible at the point of insertion to make things more robust/clean.

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First of all, I would add the UNIQUE keyword to the url column. Then, when inserting, use this INSERT OR IGNORE instead of INSERT.

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You can (and should, for data integrity reasons) add a unique constraint to the url column by adding UNIQUE(url) to the SQL create statement for your table or just adding unique after not null. This will cause an insertion to fail when inserting a row where the URL is already in the table. Then you can use insertWithOnConflict to check for the result of the insert.

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