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I have this map view with a bunch of overlays. When I hit the home button and re-open it, all the overlays disappear for a second and immediately re-appear. At first I thought it was my code that was doing it but I put breakpoints pretty much everywhere and none of my code seems to be triggering the "reset". Even mapView:viewForOverlay: doesn't get called before the overlays reappear.

I thought maybe this is an inevitable behavior of MKMapView, but it seems like Maps.app doesn't do it either — if you calculate a route and quit/re-open the app, the overlays stay there the whole time.

I'm thinking maybe MKMapView clears all of its annotations/overlays by default on quit so it takes less memory while staying backgrounded. Is there any way to avoid this? Kinda like Maps.app does?

EDIT: here's a small project I put together to demonstrate the problem. Just launch it in Simulator, click the home button, and re-open it. You'll see the map path overlay disappear for a moment.

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are you using arc? arc will release the objects as soon they aren't used, so when going background, they'll disappear, and as soon they are used, they'll reappear. that's just a thought, since I've had views that are resetting on background switch. –  Simon Mar 11 '12 at 20:56
I am using ARC, but my controller holds a strong reference on the mapView, which itself should be holding a strong reference on its overlays no? –  samvermette Mar 11 '12 at 20:59
I guess so. I'm sorry I couldn't help. –  Simon Mar 11 '12 at 21:02
My MapKit app does the same thing, I think that's just the way it is. Why is this a problem? –  shawkinaw Mar 15 '12 at 17:40
@shawkinaw there's no reason for the overlays to flicker on app relaunch. Imagine if tableViews would have their content flicker on app relaunch; it would have been widely reported and probably been fixed quickly. Map overlays are just less common so the bug went unnoticed. –  samvermette Mar 16 '12 at 21:35

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This is more of a follow-up than an actual answer, but basically this issue has been flagged as a bug by Apple. I submitted this as a TSI to Apple a while ago and received the following answer:

Thanks for providing a sample project. I don't see any issues in your code. At this point I recommend escalating the issue to engineering by filing a bug about the "flicker" from the MKPolylineView being redrawn at https://developer.apple.com/bugreporter/ and sending me the bug number so I can use it to follow up.

I then submitted radar #11041378

Thanks again for your bug report. As it happens, I don't have a workaround for you at this time. Engineering is still working on the issue, but I don't have a timeline for a fix.

I'll go ahead and leave this incident open for you as long as bug 11041378 is open. If you have any questions about it's status in the future, or the status of a workaround, feel free to reply back and I will check it for you.

If you have any comments for engineering, or want to tell the story of why it's important to your situation, I'd actually encourage you to put that directly in the bug. Since it's been assigned to engineering, any comments will go directly to them.

I appended the following comment that describes why the issue is important to me:

This bug feels rather important to me as the user expects to find the app in the exact state he left it when he quit the app. The flickering overlays (sometimes disappearing for less than second, other times for 2-3s) may get the user confused about what is going on, when all he really wants is to interact with the map/overlays right away.

Haven't heard back from Apple since. Hopefully this will get fixed in iOS 6?

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