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I wish to ask You if it's possible to use ACK to generate interrupts (IRQ7/IRQ5) from ACK line (LPT mode set to bi-directional mode) ? I've set the mask bits of 8259, but still nothing. Interrupt procedure is not called. I am able to read data from LPT.

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You give no details about what you're trying to do, or how you're trying to do it. Let me assume the following:

  • You're on Linux ("lpt"?)

  • You're using the standard OS's lpt driver (i.e. you've not written and installed your own kernel driver)

  • You're writing some custom app that will talk to some custom device (who knows - perhaps even a printer device ;)) over the LPT port using a parallel cable

  • You're writing this custom app in C (or some capable scripting language like Python or Perl)

If so, this link might be of help:


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I'm using DOS (freedos) and I'm programming custom device (linefollower robot). I'm writing in Turbo C with assembler inserts. I'm forbidden from using custom libraries (system libs). –  esz Mar 11 '12 at 22:28
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