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I have a file toto.xml with a layout that contains a TextView and a ImageView. and I have another file main.xml that contains a ViewSwitcher.

the question: How to integrate toto.xml in ViewSwitcher dynamically with different content and editable in the Main.java

thank you

PS: Sorry if my English is poor but this text is translated by Google Translator

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After more than a week of research :

when the firstly ViewSwitcher can only have two views on this we must use the ViewFlipper secondly: to fill a ViewSwitcher by more views that can scroll it is very simple:

flipper.addView (View v);

knowing that the View can be a TextView or even a LinearLayout which contains one or more textview, so we can use a loop that will fill the view from the database and then call switcher.addView ();


ViewFlipper flipper = (ViewFlipper) findViewById(R.id.viewFlipper1);  

flipper.addView (addText("Stackoverflow Forever"));

public View addText(String text) {
            TextView tv = new TextView(this);
return v;

Thank you anyway;)

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