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I use DNOA for authentication + authorization with google in my website.

When I run on local host I get this error

return_to 'http://localhost:8976/Register/Login' not under realm 'http://anonymous/'.

from this piece of code:

 private void HandleAuthNullResponse(IAuthenticationResponse authResponse)
            // Google requires that the realm and consumer key be equal,
            // so we constrain the realm to match the realm in the web.config file.
            // This does mean that the return_to URL must also fall under the key,
            // which means this sample will only work on a public web site
            // that is properly registered with Google.
            // We will customize the realm to use http or https based on what the
            // return_to URL will be (which will be this page).

            var consumer = new WebConsumer(GoogleConsumerHelper.ServiceDescription, mConsumerTokenManager);

            //Realm realm = "http://localhost:8976/";
            Realm realm = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.Scheme + Uri.SchemeDelimiter + consumer.ConsumerKey + "/";
            IAuthenticationRequest authReq = GoogleConsumerHelper.RelyingParty.CreateRequest(GoogleConsumerHelper.GoogleOPIdentifier, realm);

the error fits somehow what is commented by DNOA

It was strange as I saw other code that works for localhost but is much less structured.

I then turned to google site and saw:

Registering your web application

There are three levels of registration:

  1. Unregistered: Application is not recognized by Google. The Access Request page, which prompts your users to either grant or deny access for your application, displays this caution highlighted in yellow: "This website has not registered with Google. We recommend that you continue the process only if you trust this destination."

  2. Registered: ...

  3. Registered with enhanced security: ...

Registration is optional but recommended. ...

I even tried to publish on appHarbor and that didn't help (don't have logs there yet)

How can I work this out?

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@Andrew Arnott, any idea? – Elad Benda Mar 16 '12 at 0:27
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The error message your seeing is because the OpenID spec requires that the return_to URL be a derivative of the realm URL, and obviously in your case it isn't. http://localhost/ doesn't fall anywhere under http://anonymous/. If you set your realm to your site's actual root URL so that return_to is under it, this error should go away.

I'd be interested in seeing the documentation from Google that says it accepts a realm of http://anonymous/ and a return_to any something other than anonymous.

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can you please donwload and run this project? – Elad Benda Mar 17 '12 at 8:50
@EladBenda I think you're confusing that library's use of ordinary OAuth 1.0 with this question's use of the OpenID+OAuth extension. They are quite different scenarios, and while both DNOA and matlus' library can do anonymous OAuth with Google, neither library (I believe) can do anonymous OpenID+OAuth extension. – Andrew Arnott Mar 18 '12 at 17:44

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