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I have a matrix A with integer elements from 0 to N-1.

What I need to get is vector V of length N which for each position "i" will contain number of elements equal to "i" in matrix A.

For example:

N = 6


0  0  1
1  2  3
3  5  0


3 2 1 2 0 1 0 

What is the efficient way to do this?

My real matrix is about 10K x 10K elements and N is about 100.

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Use v = histc(A(:), 0:(N-1)). To get exactly your result, perform v = v'.

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You want to use histc (after reshape to convert to a vector)

n = histc(x,edges) counts the number of values in vector x that fall between the elements in the edges vector (which must contain monotonically nondecreasing values). n is a length(edges) vector containing these counts.

V = histc(reshape(A,1,[]), 0:(N-1) );
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