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I have a Users table and a Reviews table. The Reviews Table has ReviewedUserId and ReviewerUserId, both foreign keys that are pointing to the primary key of User table (UserId). When I try to create the second relationship in Access between the User table and Reviews table, it creates a second User table and names in Users_1.

Firstly, is this normal in Access? In SQl Server, I can have two relationships between two tables with no problem.

Secondly, is it possible to rename this alias table so that it doesn't have to be called Users_1?


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Do you have to have referential integrity enforced at the table level? Can you just set up the relationships as a query? I'd guess that you can rename the 'alias' table if you do it via a query. In fact, you could just write the SQL and paste it right into an MS Access query.

I very rarely set up table level relationships in Access nowadays, and I also rarely even link forms through directly to tables or queries any more. I use unbound forms, populate them with code, and use code / DAO to control the updates of the relevant recordsets. All the behaviour of relationships, I then enact using SQL & VB as required.

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Thanks, I ended going this route this time. –  Prabhu Mar 16 '12 at 23:29

User_1, User_2 etc is the way Access aliases tables when creating multiple relationships. If you use code to create the relationships, you can choose your own names

Database.CreateRelation Method

But I do not know of any way to change the alias in the relationship window.

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